The Bay Ridge Food Co-op is a member owned and operated co-operative whose aim is to provide quality, wholesome food and goods at the lowest practical cost.

We strive to make co-op membership welcoming and accessible to all residents of our diverse community and the surrounding areas.

The products we carry and our business practices reflect the values and needs of our membership with emphasis placed on building community, promoting social and economic well-being and acting in an environmentally sensitive manner.


In addition to supporting the 7 co-operative principles as adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance, the Bay Ridge Food Co-op has embraced values that define how we conduct ourselves individually and as an organization:

  • We are committed to the ideals of co-operative ownership. To this end, members are encouraged to actively participate in the policy and decision making process.
  • The co-op is open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without race, age, religion, gender, political persuasion, sexual orientation, social, or economic discrimination.
  • We strive to build community by cultivating relationships with other local organizations and businesses and by sponsoring events to promote healthy diet and nutrition.
  • We promote a sustainable economy by supporting local, organic growers, and other environmental and socially responsible businesses.
  • We believe in ethical business practices by conducting ourselves with honesty, transparency, integrity and respect, in our relationships with members, staff and suppliers.
  • We will co-operate in every practical way with other cooperatives at local, national and international levels.
  • We are committed to educating our members, managers and employees, so they can effectively contribute to co-op development.