Join the Club!

People who were once unknown to one another, are coming together as a community that cares about the food they buy to eat and feed their families. By making healthy food as affordable as possible, it becomes available to more and more people who might otherwise be unable to eat well.

Each member share is $200 and that can be paid quarterly, or as little as $10 per month.

We do have a reduced equity option for those who are on government-assisted programs. We are asking for a total of $50 equity to be paid over 4 years. You can join with a reduced equity option upon showing proof of eligibility. The documents accepted as proof of eligibility include Food Stamps, SSI, Medicaid, WIC, Family Health Plus, Section 8 Housing Subsidy, and the Advantage Program.

We have a simple member agreement that spells out the terms of membership and many ways for you to make your investment. If you would like to use a check, then please print out this form, and mail it in to the address indicated - Member Agreement.

If you prefer to use a debit card or credit card, we have this option available through PayPal, please click here to read the MEMBER AGREEMENT  online, and proceed. If you are looking for the reduced equity option, we can only take your payment by check at this time.

Please be advised that our PayPal link is not currently working.  We hope to have the issue resolved shortly.  In the interim, you may join at one of our markets or contact us at and we will send you a member agreement through email or snail mail.  Thank you for your patience.