About us

Owned and operated by its members, the co-op is currently distributing food out of the Union Church, 79th and Ridge Blvd. We distribute fresh produce, dairy, meats and shelf-stable items, locally sourced and organic where possible, approximately twice a month. We seek to provide high-quality, wholesome food at an affordable cost. We welcome you to visit us and to shop up to three times before joining as a member.

Our long term goal is to establish a store with increased hours. The store will create easy access to locally grown and organic foods, as well as a wider and more interesting range of delicious products than options currently available in the neighborhood. A fully-functioning Bay Ridge Food Co-op will also provide significant savings on your weekly shopping bill.

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Our Progress


We began as a group of community residents who wanted to provide an additional source of fresh food for the neighborhood. A group of our members were instrumental in founding the Yellowbook CSA while others canvassed the neighborhood for potential members. Our next step was to establish a monthly buying club. Currently we are operating a market every two weeks.

Our next goal is to move to weekly markets. This is where we need you! To learn more click below.