CYCLE 43 Food Distribution

Tuesday, April 2nd

As the committee members selected product for this cycle they must have been dreaming of a trip to Mexico or perhaps thinking of a favorite Mexican restaurant. We hope the products offered this cycle will inspire your shopping and encourage you to get out your recipes and create a meal inspired by the Mexican cuisine.

Tortilleria Nixtamal located in Queens offers corn tortillas which "are not just for holding your food together." Made from non-genetically modified corn, these tortillas are nothing like the brittle tasteless ones we are used to.

Taza Chocolate Factory of Sommerville, Mass. brings us chocolate produced in Mexican tradition. The chocolate is stone ground on a grist mill crafted by the owner. We are offering chipotle and coffee bars. If this is not enough Laxy Crazy Acres brings us Mexican chocolate gelato.

Now for today's riddle. Do you know what cardoon is? We do. You can Google it or better yet come shop on April 2 and ask us.

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