Union Church, 7915 Ridge Blvd.

3/14, 5:30-8:00pm
3/15, 11:00-1:00pm

If you have become a regular shopper we assume you have come to know that the produce is excellent; mostly organic and provided by local farms. We are running out of table space as the shelf stable offerings are constantly expanding.

We would like to feature just a few products offered at the next distribution which we hope will provide some insight as to how products are selected.

The coffee comes from Giving for Living and assures fair trade to selected coffee growers in the Dominican Republic. It is interesting to note that this non-profit organization is committed to making books available to the children and travels around in a library on wheels doing so.

The Bibb lettuce comes from Finger Lakes Fresh. The workforce is a group of disabled employees. The product is grown in a hydroponic greenhouse. The crop is small and provides an alternative to large scale product shipped long distances.

Look for cranberry apple butter; a new product at this distribution. This comes from Cross Creek Farms, a small family owned and operated farm in Berkshire, N.Y. Most of the fruit comes from Cornell University orchards in Ithaca, N.Y. This small batch product contains nothing but fruit and spices...no sugar no sweeteners.

These choices reflect the mission of the Bay Ridge Food Co-op in many ways. If you wish to work with members currently selecting products we know your effort would be truly appreciated.

Yes, I did say the shelf stable table is over flowing. Look for roasted salted cashew pieces, green organic lentils, wild blueberry preserve, sunflower seed butter no salt, no sugar and organic milk chocolate Easter eggs.

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