If you are reading this, you probably are interested in the idea of a food cooperative in our area and you may be uniquely able to help!

The co-op has faced a number of challenges in the last weeks and passion and determination have been the name of the game. We are so grateful to the First Evangelical Free Church for the two years they have given us, but their needs have changed as have ours and it is time to move on. We have been exploring a few great options.

Thanks to Owl's Head Wine Bar, we will continue to have Saturday distributions in their fantastic establishment. Again, the next one is on June 8th. Our two Saturday distributions at Owls Head have generated much excitement among members and prospective members. The spirit was electric. The interest in the coop is growing. We are anxious to keep up the momentum. Please join us in our efforts to find a new space. Perhaps someone reading this letter has a perfect suggestion or a willingness to assist us in our search. If so, please email the distribution team at brfc.distribution.com

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